I’ve been interested in
figuring it out
for as long as I can remember.

In childhood, I loved solving puzzles. Understanding how things fit together. Seeing how so many different pieces worked to create a larger whole. I would immerse my-self in my seemingly unorganized “mess” until it all made sense to me.

As an adult, this curiosity translated directly to my professional life. I created a career out of dissecting complex problems into creative solutions. I learned the ins and outs of problem solving to hone a strategic mind in business and technology. Efficiency and productivity drove me.


For me, it started
with a few questions.

But, like so many others in Corporate America, this drive eventually led to burn out.

But, like so many others in Corporate America, this drive eventually led to burn out.

While I was figuring out how to solve technical challenges, my health and personal life became the puzzle I was unable to solve. I was stressed and I was exhausted. I was unhealthy and I was running on fumes. I knew something had to give – I had spent my entire professional life helping others to figure out their bottom lines, and now, it was time for me to figure out mine.

What did I like about my life?

What did I like about my job?

What did I want to spend my time doing?

When and how did I feel my best?

Slowly but surely, I began to figure out what I wanted my life to look like, what I was passionate about, what lit me up and energized me. Slowly but surely, just like I did so many years prior, I began to pick up the puzzle pieces and reorganize my life to one lived with purpose. On purpose.


My approach is straight to the point & straight from the heart. I know that sometimes, we all just need another ear to help us to figure it all out and rearrange the puzzle pieces of our lives.

Today, it’s my mission to help others like me, dig out of the minutia of their minds and get into action in their life. And not to waste another year, another month, another minute. It’s time to figure it out and live the life you’ve been waiting for.

My name is Freddi Brown
and I am a Transformational Coach.

As a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC- HWC), CDC National Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach, Diversity Equity & Inclusion Practitioner, Career Coach, and former IT consultant,  I help men and women who are not satisfied or fulfilled in their lives, just like I was. They’re constantly stressed and burnt out and know there must be a better way. They can’t seem to figure it out – their diets, emotions, big questions around what actions they should be taking in their career or relationships – and need a coach to help them find clarity & see the possibilities available.


It’s time to figure it out and live the life  you’ve been waiting for.