"Prior to working with Freddi, I was a mess! Overwhelmed, overcommitted, and feeling like I was falling short in everything that felt important to me. 

My experience meeting with you over the months that we worked together was truly remarkable.  You encouraged new habits of mind — like journaling to help me process my feelings. You helped me order my weeks and days —beat by beat. I was so thankful you’d find time to respond to my texts when I shared a success or a difficult moment. You were my coach - right there every step of the way. 

I learned to trust my intuition, schedule time to plan, and to breathe — as solutions, perspective and healing are all brought to bear in this space of breathing.  I get that now. I was not always calm enough to appreciate that but with your guidance, I now see, and it is true. Thank you my Coach!"

—Lisa Richards-Toney


“Being Coached by Freddi has been phenomenal. I had 2 major losses 3 months apart. I was  in a sunken place. While working weekly with Freddi the clutter of my mind, body (I released 20 lbs) and environment (I got rid of boxes of stuff I no longer used/needed) dissipated.

I also learned methods and techniques to help me get to Me. The tools I learned through coaching with Freddi help me daily to align or sometimes realign with my goals.”

—Robin Anita