figuring it out...

Figuring out the big questions in your life alone can feel draining and consuming. Creating a like-minded, powerful community around you as you begin to do so can make all the difference. Having peers to hold you accountable as you navigate the big questions, untangle your cluttered thoughts, and understand what it is you actually want is often what keeps people moving forward.

The group dynamic helps you to see things about yourself and your life that you wouldn’t be able to see on your own. The group acts as a support system, allowing us to shift perspectives and learn from others experiences.

Figure it Out with Freddi

Signature Program

In this group program, we will dive into what it means to figure it out - getting in touch with your inner GPS, learning to listen to your intuition, creating an action plan for yourself, learning to hold yourself accountable to creating the life that you desire.
Other programs include:

  • Figure It Out :: Your Health
  • Figure It Out :: Your Career
  • Figure It Out :: Your Passions
  • Figure It Out :: Your Mindset

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Imagine having employees who are living into the most empowering, powerful, authentic versions of themselves – who are bringing their whole self to work. Less burnout, fewer sick days, less turnover, better communication, more productivity, happier clients, and a culture where people are actually excited to come to work because they are motivated from within.

All of my Figure It Out corporate offerings can be customized based on your organizations needs & objectives. Topics include: how to bring more mindfulness into each moment, how to shut off your mind and breathe, how to manage your stress, how to not get totally overwhelmed by the tasks at hand, how to manage your emotions when conflicts arise and more.

All of the Figure It Out group programs will be deeply focused on goal setting. Group programs will include both laser coaching with me, your coach, as well as feedback, insight and hot seats between you and the rest of the group. Group programs will be mostly virtual and include email and video interaction and a private online community.

see things about yourself
that you wouldn’t on your own.


I have spent time in my life in the corporate grind. Working through the night on many occasions, walking through life groggy and robotic. A life filled with terminal changes and flight delays. Hitting rush hour both on the ground and in the air. Grabbing a bag of chips for lunch and a never-ending cup of coffee.

I know firsthand how taxing the average 9-5’er is each and every day. They show up to work but don’t really show UP to their lives. They aren’t fully present or engaged in their jobs – many just living for the weekends, but the weekends are filled with work as well. They are missing a social life and watching as their friends hit milestones in their personal lives that they aren’t even close to. These employees never have a chance to discover themselves, their hobbies or interests outside of work – they give up on their dreams and don’t give themselves room to breathe. They feel bitter and angry and burnt out. They need help figuring out how to be their best self – both in and out of the workplace.

less burnout, fewer sick days,
less turnover, better communication,
more productivity, happier clients.


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